This or That Challenge ♡

I've been seeing this challenge float around WHI for awhile now so I thought I would do it myself for my first article!
This one was borrowed from Kaya & Evelyn:


Europe or America? ♡

light, europe, and night image Image removed

Coffee or Tea? ♡

drink, yummy, and coffee image Image by Y U Y A
ugh please don't make me choose

Cats or Dogs? ♡

cat, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image

Books or Movies? ♡

book, red, and aesthetic image Image by Babe Don't Cry
I love both

Bath or Shower? ♡

bath, aesthetic, and green image bath and lush image

Salty or Sweet? ♡

popcorn, food, and yummy image pink, doritos, and food image

Jeans or Skirt? ♡

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

♡ High Heels or Sneakers? ♡

vans, fashion, and shoes image car image

Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl? ♡

pretty little liars, pll, and series image pretty little liars and pll image

♡ Homesick or Adventurous? ♡

travel, tumblr, and world image friends, beach, and summer image

Pizza or Hamburger? ♡

Image by springkg pizza, friends, and Joey image

Fruit or Veggies? ♡

fruit, food, and strawberry image fruit, food, and healthy image

Makeup or Hair? ♡

Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and orange image

♡ Winter or Summer? ♡

summer, beach, and bike image happiness, life, and summer image

That's all for now, than you for reading!

Josie ♡