Gene Expression is the Activity by which the Commands in Our DNA are Transforms into a Functional Product, Like Protein.
The Human Genome Contains Entire Genetic Information of the Organism As DNA Sequences Save in 23 Chromosomes, Design That Are Arranged From DNA & Proteins. DNA Molecule be Composed 2 Edges That From The Ionic Double-Helix “Twisted Ladder”, Whose Backbone, Which is Created by Sucrose & Phosphate Molecules, is Attached by Horizontal of Nitrogen-Consisting Bases.
DNA is Made of Four Various Bases: 1) Adenine 2) Thymine 3) Cytosine 4) Guanine.
The Bases Are Everytime Paired Such as Adenine Joins Thymine & Cytosine Joins Guanine.
The Representation of DNA Sequence on a Computer, We Require to be able to Denote all Four Bases Pair Probabilities in Binary Format i.e. 0 & 1. Four DNA Base pairs Illustrate One Byte or 8 bits.
A Gene is a Strain Of DNA Which Encodes Data or Information. Genomic DNA Contains Two Reverse Complementary & Antiparallel Strands, Every One Having ‘5’ & ‘3’ ends.