Hi my name is Brenda,

👑 ig: brenchy93 (my account is private but I will add you if you are looking for a new friendship) 👎🏻no creepy dudes

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Tired of receiving betrayals from my friends, and seeking to allegate the bad intentions of people around me, I look for a new beginning and meet new people around the world. I hope this comes to many people with good intentions and to those who have a very bad reputation of not being very sociable, since I am one of those people. That's why I leave my Instagram account private hahah.
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I will tell a little about myself, so that u know me

I am currently from Costa Rica (I know PARADISE 💛💛) and I am looking to move to South Korea, so yes I LOVE SOUTH KOREA, if you ever have doubts of what kdrama to see or want to discuss about kdramas, korean movies look for me. Or any Tv show.

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I am a student of International Trade and I am looking for a job since I am going to finish my career soon. (finger crossed)

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I love to dance, yoga, people say that I look Asian but I'm not, I love reading books in case you ever want to recommend me one and I'm super good talking in messages but super social akward in person.
I love learning new languages ​​and being taught about their culture
So... yes that is a little about myself.

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I hope you will like to know me more and yeap the woman that appears in the photo is me and thats my dog.🤩

Good day people :D