day 1
Describe the street you’re living in but on a perspective of a stranger.

day 2
Roast your ex-crush that broke your heart

day 3
You just became an overnight celebrity because of a very ridiculous but funny reason. Write how you became famous.

day 4
Think about something or someone you hate. Describe it in a poetic but bitter sarcastic way. (don’t reveal the thing you hate until the end)

day 5
Write about one thing you’re really excited for.

day 6
Pretend you were born in Mars and lived there for 16 years. You just landed on Earth for a visit. (!reference from The Space Between Us yaaas!)

day 7
Write a letter for your future 80 year old self.

day 8
Roast yourself but in your dog’s (or any pet) perspective. (If you don’t have any pet, use your phone’s perspective)

day 9
Write a love letter for you favorite fictional character.

day 10
If you would name a person who is your alter ego, who would it be? (must be real person, celebrity, neighbor, someone you randomly chatted in omegle, bitch idk your choice) and why?

tag me so I can read and collect your werkss @exaixe

*also i'm looking for a friend (or boyfriend) (or girlfriend) so hmu wink wink haha lol