So i've been getting some messages asking if i can do some facts about me article. So i've decided to do some facts, i mean why not?

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1. I'm 23 years old
2. I live in California
3. I am Married to the love of my life
4. I love the color Teal
5. My favorite song is "Favorite disease" by Thousand Foot Krutch
6. My favorite numbers are; 2, 13, and 17
7. I own a 2017 Jeep Renegade
8. I use to play elite Soccer at my college
9. I have a History and Arts Major
10. I've been to all 51 states
11. Favorite TV show right now is "The Resident" and "ShadowHunters"
12. I have an iPhone 8 plus
13. I also have a Lab/ German Shepherd mix puppy named Casey
14. My favorite animal are Giraffes
15. I'm a professional photographer
16. I shop at Plato's Closet
17. I love books
18. I work at a Pilot Gas Station
19. I'm a beach lover
20. I love Dylan O'Brien and Adelaide Kane

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Thank you for reading ^^
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