1. Saturdays (feat. HAIM)-Twin Shadow, HAIM

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"Saturdays, when we dance in the dark room where it all gets real, I know you know how it feels."

2. Neon Roses-The Technicolors

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"So you lay your head right next to my mind, dream me in and out of your crimes tonight, cause we´ll never see this place again."

3. Halfway To Neptune-King Kuda

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"Tell me are you human? Cause you´ve been taking my head halfway to Neptune ever since I met you."

4. Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division

ian curtis, joy division, and eyes image joy division, music, and grunge image
"There´s a taste in my mouth as desperation takes hold, just that something so good can´t function no more."

5. Nerve-Jordan Rakei

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"How can I find a reason to love you when I don´t love myself?"

6. Glasgow-Catfish And The Bottlemen

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"When you wrap me around your fingers baby, and you make me do that shit that I never do (...) I know I want you to myself again."

7. California Sun-Baby Strange

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"California Sun, why you never come here? You know ir breaks my heart in two, know it breaks my heart in two."

8. Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood

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"Let´s have an adventure, head in the clouds but my gravity´s centered, touch my neck and I´ll touch yours."

9. I Was In a Dark Frame Of Mind (One Clouded By Worry)-Nightcars

cars, night, and orange image aesthetic, roses, and tumblr image
"You look so beautiful in that dress, I think I´m still in love I must confess (...) Alone in this world is better than this."

10. Color-Finish Ticket

band, music, and finish ticket image blue, concert, and grunge image
"All my demons are behind me, everything was black and white inside, but I´m seeing color."

11. Cigarette Daydreams-Cage The Elephant

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"You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain, you wanna find a peace of mind looking for the answer."

12. Natalie-HUNNY

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"It´s been a week or fifteen, Natalie hasn´t talked to me, and I keep singing to the mirror, why do you hurt so much?"

If you want a Spotify playlist, it´s right here: https://open.spotify.com/user/remember_me27/playlist/5PV0olVAeThRSrcoMzHeSF?si=dd-bI4_EReyWEMgFt415bA

Enjoy, and thanks.