1. gum/mints

girl, aesthetic, and pink image altoids image

2. a tide to go pen

Temporarily removed

3. hand lotion

pink, yellow, and aesthetic image body, fruit, and jasmine image

4. lip balm/ gloss and lipstick

Temporarily removed girl, lipstick, and makeup image

6. your go to perfume

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed

7. headphones

Temporarily removed aesthetic, white, and headphones image

8. a compact mirror and hairbrush

makeup, red, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

9. like 20 bucks

money, transfer, and money flip image money, luxury, and rich image
yes i know this is not ' like 20 bucks'

10. a hair tie and bobby pins

Temporarily removed hair and hairstyles image

11. sunglasses

aesthetic, beauty, and hair image Image removed

12. makeup bag if you wear makeup

aesthetic, brown, and burgundy image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image

13. a pen

books, hobby, and inspiration image Temporarily removed

14. hand sanitizer

marble, bath and body works, and cute image copper, fur, and goals image

14. advil

pills, advil, and red pills image advil, uñas, and mano image

15. tissues

bacon, I love it, and kleenex image green, kleenex, and original image

16. pads / tampons

Abusive image vampire, funny, and lol image

xoxo, leillana @raediant
be you, be true, be radiant
(thanks for reading my article loves)