Goddess🔮 θεά

a female deity.
"a temple to Athena Nike, goddess of victory"
a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.
"he had an affair with a screen goddess"

Goddess Of

crystal, purple, and book image witch, magic, and crystal image crystal, gems, and rainbow image sky, sunset, and clouds image crystal, stone, and gems image blue, crystals, and decor image witch, magic, and book image sky, clouds, and sunset image
crystals, magic, & sunsets

My Makeup & Hair

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, girly, and gorgeous image beauty, girl, and princess image alternative, collar bones, and gold image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
gold flake makeup & curly black hair

My Style

dress, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and gown image dress, fashion, and gold image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by ~ منــــال ~ مصممــة ~ fur, glitter, and gold image
gold thread dresses

My Home

books, gif, and movie image
Mount Olympus

My Accessories

magic image knife, aesthetic, and red image Image removed crown, crystal, and Queen image
staff of magic, blood dagger, battle armor, crystal crown

Animal that Represents Me

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed black, animal, and cat image black, aesthetic, and animal image
black panthers are a rare gem, one filled with mystery. Panthers represent stealth, strength, and awareness. It's eyes are piercing as it is looking straight through your soul. Panthers tell you to look at your fears head on, to face them through being assertive, but not aggressive. Panthers teach self-sufficiency and developing faith in ones ability.

I hoped you all enjoyed! All the love xx Priscilla