Hey you,
The one standing tall over there.
Yes, you.
So come a little closer,
I got something to tell.
See I’m writing this song
Cause I can’t hold it too long.
For years I’ve turned
My feelings into songs.
And now, you’re one of them,
My secret masterpiece.

Maybe I should start
By saying I like you
But then, explain that
I really hate you.
It’s so complicated,
Calm down my wayward heart.

Of all them boys,
My heart chooses you.
We never officially met,
But my eyes never lose you.
Maybe this is dumb,
But it hurts every day
Not knowing the truth
Of this crazy stupid feelings.
Because I think
I like and hate you.
Does that even exist?

With your strong gaze,
You’re suffocating me.
I’m trying hard to breath
As I cleared out this webs of confusion.

I was nobody, I realize that
But I notice
How I was in your line of vision
Every time you’re around.
Or was that just me
Looking at you first?

Sometimes I wonder,
How could my heart
Played me like this?
When you have that girl in your arms.

I shouldn’t have like you.
I should have ignored you.
Maybe then it wouldn’t hurt this much.
Maybe then I wouldn’t hate you.

p.s you must have noticed i used the word song. i wanted to write 'poem' but it doesn't quite rhyme?? so i decided to use the word 'song' instead. and just to make myself clear, this is not a song. i'm not that good of a composer nor am I that good in singing lol :D