Hello everyone!! Time for another playlist! Lately I've discovered my love for alternative/indie music. I've stopped listening to just Lana Del Rey and actually listening to other types of music. Here are some favorites from this month.

Empty by Kevin Abstract

kevin abstract and brockhampton image blue, cloud, and clouds image

Flaming Hot Cheetos by Clairo

cheetos, sky, and aesthetic image Image removed

Slow Down Love by Louis the Child

artists, boys, and festival image Temporarily removed


Everytime by boy pablo

aesthetic, alternative, and boy image chill, february, and indie image

Call Out My Name by The Weeknd

the weeknd and xo image art, blue, and ep image

i don't rly like u by ROLE MODEL

bitches broken hearts by Billie Eilish

Temporarily removed billie eilish, billie, and aesthetic image

James Has Changed by Phoebe Ryan

aesthetic, blue, and broken image Image removed

Tokyo Nights by Digital Farm Animals

What I Need (feat. Kehlani) by Hayley Kiyoko

Image removed Mature image

Midnight by Logic

Mature image logic, music, and rap image

Nothing to Regret by Robinson

Faded Love by Tinashe

Temporarily removed flawless, idol, and lifesaver image

The Ways by Khalid

khalid image khalid image

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you found some good new music!