Hello, guys how are you all? I want to start saying thank you so much for your support. I really love to watch your notis everyyday on my phone and watch every one of them. I really love it.

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Today I want to tell you how I afford my acné.
I used to never wear foundation, and one day I started to wear it everyday. I cleaned my face twice a day and drinked lot of water. But I started to see acné all over my face (mostly on my chain and forehead).

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I leave it foundation for a couple of days and magically my acné desappear. But as I am a lit bit dumb I tried again to be sure if it was the real problem, and yes, it was.

So I will change my foundation for one chemicaless. Do not forget to wash face, drink water, wear masks once a month.

Thanks for read my article, sweetheart.

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