Do you feel like you want to be far... alone...
I feel it too, a lot.

I'm not a social person, and that's not because I can't, it's because I don't want.
People suffocate me, places too.

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I'll travel tomorrow, because of work, but it's travel for me anyway.
I'm waiting for that moment, at the bus, with my earphones, my favorite playlist to travel...

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I'm waiting for the sunset in another city.
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And when I return, I'll keep all in my mind, and wait for the travel of the next week.

While I wait, I'll drink coffee or tea to keep my mind in peace.

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I want to travel more, I hope I can do it soon.

Roads, hot drinks and music... That's my escape

What helps you to mitigate those feelings?
Do you keep isolated? or are you trying to do something else?
Think about it
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