If I was a flower I would be a ~ Sunflower

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loyalty and strong bonds between two people, as represented by the strong and upright stem.

If I were a moment I would be a ~ Nice Bath After a Long Week

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baths significantly improve the mood and optimism of the participants, which was attributed to a combination of bodily comfort, warmth, isolation, and body positioning.

If I were a fruit I would be a ~ Strawberry

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vitamin C present in strawberry boosts the immune system and helps in curing common cough and cold.

If I were state I would be ~ New York

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something's always happening here. If you're bored in New York, it's your own fault

If I were a song I would be ~ FAB by Jojo

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"tired of the gossip think you've had enough? Don't worry about 'em middle fingers up to these fake ass bitches".

If I was an accessory I would be ~ Rings

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engagement rings are on the left hand fourth finger is because, the Romans believed that the vein ran directly to your heart.

If I were a body part I would be the ~ Butt/Ass

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no caption :)

If I were a season I would be ~ Fall

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early sunsets, warm tea. messy hair, and big sweats.

If I was a clothing item I would be ~ Leather Jacket

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I thought my life would improve if I got a leather jacket, I was 100% right!

If I was a color I would be the color ~ Grey/Gray

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maybe in my black and white world you were the only thing that was grey...

If I was a fictional character I would be ~ Alex Parrish or Paige Matthews

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"I'll catch up one day, you'll see" - Alex "Magic may work in mysterious ways, but it works" - Paige

If I was a TV show I would be ~ Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, sean maguire, and lana parrilla image captain hook, emma swan, and killian jones image once upon a time, emma swan, and regina mills image peter pan, robbie kay, and once upon a time image
it's true love Emma, you choose me

If I was a movie I would be ~ Tangled

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"you were my new dream" "and you were mine"

If I was ever a book I would be ~ The Edge of Never

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this is who I imagine as Camryn and Andrew

If I was an animal I would be ~ Lion

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a lion does not concern himself/herself with the concern of others

If I was a subject I would be ~ History

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we were born to make history

Disney princess look alike ~ Belle

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"people think i'm odd. So I know how it feels to be different" and I know how lonely it can be"