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if i met her i think i'd die

this isn't in any particular order

♥ young and beautiful

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♥ love

"look at you kids, you know you're the coolest, the world is yours and you can't refuse it"

♥ tropico

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♥ dark paradise

"loving you forever, can't be wrong, even though you're not here, won't move on"

♥ brooklyn baby

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♥ 13 beaches

"i don't belong in the world. but that's what it is. something separates me from other people."

♥ high by the beach

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♥ without you

"i can be your china doll if you want to see me fall"

♥ salvatore

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♥ born to die

"oh, my heart, it breaks every step that i take"

♥ national anthem

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♥ in my feelings

"if you were me, and i was you i'd get out of my way"

♥ video games

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♥ gods and monsters

"in the land of gods and monsters, i was an angel living in the garden of evil"

♥ ultraviolence

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- leillana @raediant
be you, be true, be radiant
(thanks for reading my article loves)