• (1) First of all, I am an autumn child, as I was born in September.
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  • (2) The weather matches my personality because I'm too melancholic as a person but during this time of the year I feel more relaxed and I get to find my inner peace.
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  • (3) I absolutely love the colours! They're just beautiful you have to admit it. I mean, one day the leaves are green and bloomy and the next one they've fallen from the trees and turned into orange, red or even brown.
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  • (4) The unexpected rain. I've always loved the smell of the ground and the sound of the rain. I like to open the windows when it rains so I can let the fresh air into my house. There's nothing better than that breeze that comes through the windows, it soothes me in a way I can't even describe.
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  • (5) Jeans, Hoodies and Sweaters. With the chill in the air and the unexpected weather, my comfortness strikes me. I prefer to wear oversized sweaters, boots, hoodies to do anything throughout the day and I don't have to put much effort to it. This way, I can dress to impress without looking like I did so on purpose.
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  • (6) I don't know why, but autumn always sets me free. I prefer to go on vacation during this season, so I can go to quiet places, like the mountains and enjoy a cossy week or two somewhere with a great view and some great wine. Just me, myself and I.
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  • (7) Pumpkin everything! When the season strikes in, all you see in every local store is pumpkin related whether it is pumpkin pies, latte, doughnuts or anything else pumpkin flavored.. I, pesonally love it so much that I tend to try everything that's pumpkin related during this season!!
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I actually hope you enjoyed my article and I hope some of you can relate!!