run away with me:


Euphoria - BTS Jungkook

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this song just gives me tingly vibes. its so hopeful. the feeling of young love sprouting. im in love.

April - Goody Grace

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such a good vibe. nice for those wild summer nights out or just chilling in your bed.

Serendipity - BTS Jimin

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a song about budding love, feeling like its fate. nothing can come between us type thing. it makes me feel cozy.

Luv In Skool - BTS

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very short (like 2 mins) but such a sweet tune. everyones voice carrying sweetly, just aish

Toy - Block B

heartbreak, quotes, and toy image

straying away from a positive vibe, toy is about a girl using them. it has a comfortable atmosphere to it somehow at the same time


-if I decide to do another one of these ill do a different mood-