Today I´m going to talk about how I take care of my skin. First of all, I´m not a doctor and this things are working for me. I have quite a lot of acne (is not much, but I have suffered of it since I was 12 years old, and now I´m 15. My skin is also oily and dry too (it depends on the day, I don´t know why) and I have atopic dermatitis and my skin is quite sensitive.

First, these are all the products I use:

I use this one from Isdin. Here in Spain you can get it in pharmacies, but I don´t know about other contries. It is acid soap substitute, with antiseptic agents and physiological acid pH, so it´s really really good to clean the skin:

Image by Elv Saher
it is called Germisdin and it is also for your body

For me, this one from Yves-Rocher works perfectly. It has Baïkall dust, which helps a lot if you have oily or mixed skin, because the Baïkall flower is astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and fungicide. It has been already used for ages in the Chinese medicne,and the flower itself is really beautiful:

Image by Elv Saher


I´ve been using this for more or less 3 month and oh my Lord, it is amazing. Before using it, my skin was always dry and no matter how much aloe vera or how many other moisturizes
I use, it never get better:

Image by Elv Saher
it also helps with blackheads and spots,

Since February, I´ve been usin Tea Tree Water from Lush and it has helped like crazy. The tea tree is antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobiotic, so is perfect is you have oily skin or acne:

Image by Elv Saher
it is also perfect for the mornings to wake you up

I also use one from Lush, the Mask of Magnaminty, and well... I´m sure you have already heard about this miracle

green, lush, and aesthetic image

Recently, and I don´t know why, my eyes contour has been incredible dry, so I´ve been using this one from Yves-Rocher too:

Image by Elv Saher

This step is super important for your skin, no matter if it is winter or summer, use it, believe me. I use this one from Avène, which is really good:

Image by Elv Saher

I write about this just because it is part from my routine, but the dermatologist has prescribed it to me, so don´t use it without talking with your doctor to see what is better for you. I use this one from Mask Plus and it has helped me a lot, but I still have spots and sometimes little pimples:

Image by Elv Saher

Okay, so I have like three routines: in the morning, the evening and at night:


I do the same things every day: first I wash my face with the cleanser, then I spray the toner all over my face and when it is dry I put the eye contour and the moisturizer on. Just when I´m about of going to school, I put the sunscreen on my face.


I always do the same thing as in the mornings, but I don´t aply the sunscreen and righ before the toner, I use other thing, and it depends on the day of the week:
Mondays : i use literally nothing, I let my skin breathe and rest from products.
Tuesdays : I use the mask, I apply it all over my face and I leave it like 20 minutes and then I wash it.
Wednesdays : I use the scrub, but not all the weeks, only when my skin is quite good.
Thursdays : I let my skin rest again.
Fridays : I use the mask again.
Saturdays : I let the skin rest one more time
Sundays : I use the scrub, and I use it all the sundays, to clean all the pollution of the week


I apply, like 2 or 3 hours after all of this I´ve told you, the acne treatment, and I leave it overnight


· You must stay hydrated and drink a lot of water
· Practise sport or exercise, it is good too and, who knows, maybe you discover you can be the next medallist in some discipline in the next Olympic Games and you can meet new people.
· Sleep and relax. This is very important, believe me, and I know it can be really difficult if you have stressed because of work or school, but at least try to relax and sleep as much as you can.
· Do not touch your face

Well, this is all for today, I hope it has helped you, remember it is going good for me and my skin, so that doesn´t means it will work for you too. Bye xx