Hello and welcome to Disney princess's in aesthetic form, oh how tumblr of me... I'm including only human princesses and a couple of queens. Find your favorites! Take the poll(s) at the bottom, vote as many as you want!


Image by di_venaderi sword, fantasy, and medieval image horse image tattoo, dragon, and ink image Image removed Temporarily removed
Courage. Strength. Honor.


green and aesthetic image copper, home, and kitchen decor image hat and tattoo image new orleans and french quarter image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image plants, green, and nature image
Motivation. Pride. Hard Work.


makeup, nails, and beauty image Temporarily removed beauty, girl, and model image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed
Curiosity. Creativity. Dreamer.


drink, flowers, and food image beach, clouds, and green image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed body, bronze, and chic image Temporarily removed
Positivity. Free Spirit. Perseverance.


beach, beautiful, and blue eyes image compass, pirate, and vintage image fog, inspo, and nature image Temporarily removed animal, raccoon, and racoon image stone, rock, and blue image
Wild Heart. Selfless. Savior.


girl and beauty image mermaid, necklace, and aesthetic image sea, ocean, and water image blue, glitter, and aesthetic image aesthetic, lips, and gitter image mermaid, fish, and ocean image
Curiosity. Explorer. Lover.


Image removed beautiful, desert, and middle east image india, travel, and taj mahal image beautiful, brazil, and color image Temporarily removed model and native american image
Traveler. Justice. Dreamer.


gif image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic and thorns image dress, girly, and pink image animal, deer, and bunny image
Sleep. Curiosity. Friend.

Elsa (Queen)

Temporarily removed hair, fashion, and blonde image crown, rose gold, and Queen image winter, snow, and hand image Temporarily removed crying, sad, and tears image
Loneliness. Bravery. Protector.


Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 cutie, reindeer, and snow image aesthetic, crystals, and faceless image Image by ♛Princess♛ castle, forest, and ice image alternative, christmas, and cold image
Sisterhood. Friendship. Trust.


dress, fashion, and flowers image Image by Noura🌸 Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, girl, and sleep image art image tea, cup, and vintage image
Brilliance. Inner Beauty. Loyalty.

Snow White

red, lips, and aesthetic image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image snow, snowflakes, and winter image apple, red, and fruit image cottage, architecture, and country image hands, dark, and demon image
Trust. Companionship. Dreamer.


etsy, christmas apron, and gift under 20 image Image by SaysAysaY aesthetic, pink, and tumblr image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ Temporarily removed castle and germany image
Dreamer. Wisher. Love.

Kida (Queen)

Image by prettytearz olivia culpo image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed underwater, cathedral, and ocean image world, vintage, and globe image
Sacrifice. Strength. Leader.


aesthetic, ariel, and cool image landscape, nature, and scottland image horse image horse, ireland, and child image Image removed arrow, archery, and aesthetic image
Free Thinker. Independence. Bravery.

That's all she wrote! Thanks for reading/ viewing!

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-My favorite princesses/ queens are Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, and Kida ✨