Hi there, I'm Mandy! Νice to meet you and

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welcome to my first article!

I, as a person, am very indecisive. Therefore editing pictures, or writing and publishing articles is really hard for me! As I was going through this one, which is also my first article (if you couldn't tell from the title..!), I had to choose a picture as its cover. I almost went into the stressful wormhole of arguing with myself over the choices, because I had in mind how important the cover is since it should represent me as much as possible!

But then, while I was scrolling through my canvas,I realized that... they all do. All the pictures I have uploaded or rehearted, they inspire and represent me. It also reminded me why I came to loving this site so much when I first got into it It is so full of different styles, auras, inspirations, quotes, beautiful photography, and paintings, and so on!

It is the feeling it gave me, that i belonged here...
And like I said, there is no point of stressing over what to pick, i can just let you roam on your own in my canvas, and see ME for yourselves!

BUT a little about me you cant get from my canvas is that I am 21, born οn December of 1996, I live in Greece, in this huge island called Evoia! If you are wondering, it has both mesmerizing beaches, and freezing mountaintops, so if you are someone who loves nature as much as I do, you'd be thirlled to live here!

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This is Dimosari, it is located on the north east side of mountain Ohi in South Evia island and is one of the most beautiful walking paths in Greece I have seen!

In my free time I like to watch series, movies, and cartoons, read books, draw or paint, I even try to do some photography with what I got of a camera phone! Oh and I used to play o ton of video games, but ever since I began studying economics gaming went out the window, because of the lack of a console or PC in my dorm room..

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Aaand my most late blooming love is writing, writing about something that happened that day and troubled me, or when I am neck deep in emotions,either negative or positive. It all goes in this journal I keep.
And that's why I figured maybe I can really do something with WHI Articles. Better late than never, right?

On another note, you might notice, I have A LOT of collections, I just love so many things, and I like to believe they all deserve their own collection so I can make them justice!

I picked out three collections of mine, just to give you a taste

I've never uploaded anything like this before so I am not really sure what, or how to write it, so I am really counting on you guys, to tell me what you'd like to hear from me, ask me questions, or even just message me so we can chat, I LOVE meeting new people.
In general, I hope you stick around to see more of me!

You could also find me on Instagram, by searching my name below

Looking forward writing to you again guys! -CrD