I've wanted to do this for a long time, so here it is.

1. Favorite male character?

  • Stiles Stilinski
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He is so pure and good. He would die for people he loves, he cares about everyone and he's trying to protect everyone even tho he is the only human in pack. Stiles is really smart and I think that is his biggest weapon. His sentences always makes me laugh, he is so funny and also really sarcastic. He is romantic too, and all of that makes him so perfect.

2. Favorite female character?

  • Lydia Martin
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Beside her gorgeous looks, Lydia has the brain just like Stiles. She is strong and without her help, a lot of problems wouldn't be solved.

3. Least favorite character?

  • Gerard Argent
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Gosh I hate him. He said it himself that he would kill his own son and granddaughter just so he could live. Monster.

4. Favorite villain?

  • Peter Hale
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He is handsome and funny. I know he did a lot of wrong and bad things, but I believe he could change. Maybe there is still some softness in him.

5. Favourite parent?

  • Sheriff Noah Stilinski
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I adore him, he is always there in the right time and in the right place. He has some good advices too.

6. Favorite ship?

  • Stydia and Scallison
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Both of those ships are sooo beautiful.

7. Ship you like but it didn't happen?

  • Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall
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They look so cute! I was really hoping they would end up together, but sadly, it didn't happen.

8. Favorite friendship?

  • Sciles
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They showed to all of us what it means to have a true friend by your side. They have a special connection that can't be broken. Ever.

9. Favorite supernatural creature?

  • hellhound
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Basically nothing can stop you and you're one of the strongest supernatural creatures. Also it's kinda cool to be able to set yourself on fire.

10. Favorite scene?

  • two scenes are coming to my mind - when Theo took away some guys pain for the first time, and when Lydia kissed Stiles and realised she loved him all along.
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And bonus question: If you could bring back one character, who would it be?

  • Allison Argent
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I would bring her back because she was such a lovely and charming character, and also Scott's first love. Her death brought a lot of pain in the whole pack. And that little speach she had while dying... damn.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed