(First of all, for everyone who is waiting for my update to the 2 weeks workout challenge, I just need to finish the workout plan but it will come soon I promise babes🍯) To this article:

Sooo today I'm doing the 'This or That challenge' I know I know many people had been doing the challenge on 'we heart it' so I want to make it speacial and do the food edition of it haha (tbh it's not that speacial but a little bit different okay? haha🌵)
Hope you like it and let's start✏️)

❥Salad🌿or Fries🍟?

➤Fries🍟: I really like salad but I go with Fries because I literally love Fries

❥ Mexican food🇲🇽 or Italian Food?

➤Mexican food🇲🇽: It's a really hard question because I love burritos, tacos and food which is a little spicy but I also love pizza&pasta🍝🍕

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❥Coffee☕️or tea🍵?

➤Tea🍵: I don't drink coffee often. Only if I'm learning late at night and need to stay awake but I drink tea almost everyday💁🏻

❥Chocolate🍫or hard candy🍡?

➤CHOCOLATE🍫♡ I don't like hard candy that much♡

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❥Low calorie🍎 or tastes great🍔?

➤Both🍎🍔: I think that even healthy meals can taste really good but I also think that everyone should indulge her/himself a mcdonalds, burger king, kfc whatever meal♡

❥Ice cream🍦 or sorbet🍧?

➤Ice cream🍦: I mean I like both but ice cream a bit more♡

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❥Sprite💛 or 7up💚?

➤7up💚: idk i just like it more hahah

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❥Cake🍰 or pie?

➤Cake🍰: I don't like tarts with fruity filling so I prefer the dry ones haha♡

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❥ Fruit🍓 or vegetables🍅?


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❥Milkshake🍨 or smoothie🍓?


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Soooo I hope you liked it and it wasn't boring because everyone did that haha♡see y'all soon♡🍑

☁︎and btw if you have something what you want to tell me (ideas,themes which I should do,critic,problems) I will write you back babes☁︎