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Chapter 20

Ivy eyed her reflection from a mirror hanging on one of the walls. The silky night gown licked loosely her curves. It was short, but not too short. It was revealing, but not too revealing. She would've never thought she would ever wear anything like that, and she almost felt comfortable in it.

Still she gave a longing gaze to the bed where someone had laid her old clothes. Her jeans were ripped, and not in that trendy way. They were shredded, dusty and dirty. And if she wasn't completely mistaken, there was a ripple of blood in the fabric, right above the ankle.

"So it's true" a voice came from behind Ivy. She hurled around. A red-headed girl was leaning against the doorframe. She was wearing a gown the color of her hair, burning red.

Temporarily removed girl, hair, and lips image

She ran her eyes up and down Ivy's body.

Suddenly the night gown felt way too short and way too revealing. Ivy's cheeks reddened.

"They actually brought you here and kept you alive" she said like it was the worst thing imaginable. "A human."

"Yes, so?" The words escaped Ivy's lips before she even had time to blink.

The read-headed girl's brows knitted closer together. Her eyes– the color of eternal ice– narrowed, and in a heartbeat she was standing right in front of Ivy. Ivy's breathing stopped, stuck in her throat.

Then she did something Ivy hadn't expected. She smiled.

"I'm Abigail."


"I think we'll get along just fine", she said, a playful smile twisting her mouth.

"Sister", Azaleia's voice came from the door, where she had appeared without Ivy even noticing. Abigail's smile grew even wider. She spun around and spread her arms. Azaleia just gave her a little pat on the head and then pushed past her.

"Thank you Abigail, I'll take it from here", Azaleia said.

"You're still mad", her sister said raising her brows. "I told you I was sorry, what else do you want me to say?" Her red head was now facing the cold stone floor.

"We'll talk later", Azaleia said. Her voice was steady, but not cruel or cold. She sounded like a disappointed mother.

Abigail opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. No objections. And then she left the room as quietly as she had came.

"What did she do?" Ivy asked letting her gaze follow Abigail.

"She's a free spirit and there are many rules in this family. Sometimes those two don't go hand in hand." Azaleia's reply was vague, and it didn't answer Ivy's question. But she didn't push it. If Azaleia wanted to tell her, she would do so in her own time. Although by then Ivy would probably be long gone. At least so she hoped.

"Now, let's get you into that beautiful dress!"

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