Hello hearters :)
I am a fan of tattoos since I'm 12 years old and now, after waiting for 6 long years I finally got my first tattoo!
So, I will tell you how it went and also tell you everything you need to know before getting tattooed and some things you'll have to go through during the healing process.


I had a week to prepare myself after I turned 18 until the appointment with my tattoo artist. If you want to know, I got tattooed by Delia Vico who is an italian artist and her speciality is lettering.

First, I bought every thing I needed to take care of my tattoo, you must be ready because you'll start to take care of it right after.
The products I will give you aren't the only one and you need to follow the advices given by your tattoo artist because he knows best!
To clean the tattoo I bought a PH neutral soap by "Neutraderm" and for the cream, Delia gave me a package of "Inkees" and I bought the " Lipikar" cream by La Roche-Posay.

Now, to add to the tattoo care you'll need soft clothes and which aren't tight at the place you got tattooed. You need to let your skin breath and not rub material on your freshly inked skin, mostly because it will hurt you.


Don't drink alcohol
Don't consume drugs or illicit substances
Eat healthy meals and make sure to relax because stressing will only make the experience less enjoyable for you.


You're gonna get tatooed and it's not something you do everyday. It's important and you need some things to take with you at your appointment.
Take a bag and fill it with:
- Water
- Sugary treat like cereal bar ( in case you're feeling a bit dizzy or if you lack sugar)
- Headphones and phones with the maximum charge ( it can be long and not all tattoo artists are as chatty as on Miami Ink)
- The money for your tattoo and a little more to tip your artist if you're happy with their work. Because tattooing insn't an easy job and as every artist a little contribution to show their work is appreciated is always a pleasure for them.

The Tattooing:
Now, I am gonna enter the personal part, to be honest my first tattoo was a wonderful experience.
it lasted 15 minutes because it is not a big one, I didn't wanted to go big for the first one. The pain was of 5 on 10 maximum and only on a few places and the artist was super kind with me and put up with my stress and I thank her for it.
If some want to know it was at the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris and it had cost me 150 euros.


I can't really tell you how to take care of your tattoo becasue it's up to your own artist, but I can definitely tell you what you're going to go through.
On the first days it will sting or burn a bit or even fell like your skin is stretching on it own, that's why I told you not to wear tight clothes.
After the first week or before it depends on yourself because it's different for everyone, you will want to scratch it and it will be really really hard to resist. But you have to, because if you scratch the area you got tattooed you can rip pigments from your skin and the final aspect of your tattoo won't be as good if you don't scratch it.
The healing will end after a month and you can't put your tattoo underwater like in a bath, swimming pool or the ocean because it can cause infections. But of course, you can shower.

My tattoo will be a month old on next monday and I'm so impatient on getting all the others I dream about since I'm 12. I hope you like my article and please don't hesitate on telling me if you'd like to get a tattoo and what it would be. It would be a pleasure to discuss about tattoo with you :)