i honestly have no idea how to write any kinds of texts, but i love writing and decided to give these articles a shot!(also my friend kinda made me but that's okay)

i'm going to start by telling you guys a few basic facts and then you'll get to see the photos!!
first of all hi, my name is noora. i live in finland and i'm 16 years old. i'm currently studying in high school which is oh so exciting.
i come from a very small family, it's just me, my parents and my turtle, kalle. right now i'm actually in the middle of exams but i kind of gave up with swedish when high school started so it's okay.
i want to start treating we heart it as kind of my diary, but for more people to see. i feel like i'm at a point in my life where everything's just kind of messed up but i can see light at the end of the tunnel!! and i just want people to know that they're not alone. or then i want to know that i'm alone. i don't know. i find it extremely hard to explain my feelings to people but i'm going to try my best.
some things that i like but did not mention in this post: girls!!, la la land!!!(please if you love it too message me and we can become best buds, i'm listening to the soundtrack as i'm writing this), writing, and of course, my friends.
i guess that's all for now, enjoy this, and have an absolutely amazing day.


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my style is honestly just very basic. i have some very professional looking outfits, which i absolutely adore, but mostly it's comfort over style.


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i don't have any specific hobbies, but i love reading, playing the flute, and hanging with my friends at cafés or in general (also we don't drink. at least not a lot. don't tell anyone, shh)


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my ultimate favorite colors are blue and turquoise. seriously give me anything that are these colors and i'll love you forever and make sure you'll never forget that.


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my personality in a few words: gay, happy, triestobeinspirationalandmakeeveryonehappy, oh and gay again. no, in all seriousness, i am a very positive and fun spirit to be around. of course i have my bad days and i suffer from some severe social anxiety which sucks, but in the end i know i'll be okay. i've taken it as my mission to make my friends smile whenever i see them. making someone happy makes me happy.

dreams & goals

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as cheesy as it sounds, my main goals in life are just to settle down with the girl of my dreams and travel. and of course to stay happy and try my best to inspire the people around me.


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my favorite foods: sushi, berries!!, breakfast in general is just an amazing time and italian food is amazing <3


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i listen to too many artists, but right now my favs are demi lovato (cry baby is my current jam!!), shawn mendes (he's just amazing, i'd turn straight for him), hayley kiyoko (our lesbian jesus <3) and my gorgeous harry styles who i saw l i v e like two weeks ago and god he is amazing!


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i watch tv-shows like crazy but my absolute all-time favs are friends, how i met your mother, legends of tomorrow and glee


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here are just a few of my favorite cities: new york; i mean who wouldn't want to visit the big apple? london; i actually used to live in england and we visited london every other weekend. it's my favorite city on this planet and i want to move back one day. paris; it's the city of love, do i need to say more? tortola; we were there 5 years ago for my dads birthday, and i fell in love with the islands. the ocean is amazing, and since i love sailing it was an amazing trip.