Hello, beautiful hearters and Smilers! If you haven't noticed the recent updates, #TheSMileProject is changing up a bit, which means we need YOU!

Just like how we're looking for more writers, we're looking for more quoters, too! A quoter is someone who makes quotes for #TheSmileProject. There are a few qualifications, however.

1. You must be active. This doesn't mean you have to be active every day, but at least once or twice a week.
2. You need to be able to use Easel or PicsArt or any other app like those. Using quotes from here is great, but we also need our own quotes as well.
3. Remember who and what this is for. Sometimes #TheSmileProject can get overwhelming but remember this is to help inspire others.

Interested in joining? Here's the application:

1. What is your view on positivity? What does it mean to you?
2. How have quotes impacted your life?
3. What do you think about #TheSMileProject and do you have any suggestions to make it better?
4. If possible, send a quote or two that you made.

And that's it. Just message me with your answers.

Like always, I hope you have a great rest of your day and week. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it.