If you are in pain and you have pain killers to numb them, of course you would take them. It is only logic. But now imagine, every time you take a pill you hurt a person you love. Because now you take their pain killers, for they are unable to stop their pain.
This is what self harming is.
You use something to numb your own pain. But by that you hurt people you love. Because what stops them from being in pain is your well-being.
If you have ever harmed yourself in order to cope with something, you know what I am talking about when I say that it is so hard to persist that opportunity to numb your pain in just a moment.
But if we are honest about it, there is no good in self harming.
You numb your pain for a while, but I promise by that it will come back even worse after some time. You not only hurt yourself and cause permanent memories, which will make it hard to forget. You also hurt other people.
Even if you think you deserve what you are doing to yourself, do you really think that your loved ones deserve what you are doing to them?
In my opinion you should stop, if you ever want to get better. And if you can't stop for yourself in the first place, start by thinking about the people you love. Trust me, there is no bigger pain for people who love you to see how you damage your body and you soul, and there is nothing they can do about it. You can see the pain in their eyes when they see what you have done.
Yes, this is your body and you can do with it what you want. But people love you. And you are destroying the only piece of you that they can touch.
If you ever want to heal, you need to stop harming yourself. It might seem that you're only hurting your body, but you are damaging your soul even more.
Don't let those feelings of pain and agony control your life.
You need to fight them. For your body, heart and soul.