hi amazing people from the internet! how are you? today I bring my first tag, if I'm not mistaken. I really liked this tag because they will know a little more about me! So let's go!

A - AGE 15

B - BEST MOVIE clueless and all disney movies

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i can't choose only one guys, i'm sorry

C - CURRENT TIME 5:32 pm

D - DRINK YOU LAST DRANK orange juice

E - EVERYDAY STARTS WITH my mom knocking on the door for me to wake up


ok, I'll answer the songs of the moment

• dreamer by axwell Λ Ingrosso (matisse & sadko remix)
• part of me by katy perry
• like that by bea miller

album, color, and ep image music, aesthetic, and indie image

G - GROSSEST MEMORY I do not remember anything now

H - HEIGHT I swear I do not know but I must be among the 1,58

I - IN LOVE WITH God, youtube channels and yeah.

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J - JEALOUS if there is one thing I am jealous. but only with that or who I really love or like.

K - KILLED SOMEONE sometimes in my mind...

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED I do not remember, maybe at the beginning of last month

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M - MIDDLE NAME Oliveira. but since I live in Brazil, it is not common here to have a second name, but the last name


O - ONE WISH be happy and fulfill my dreams and always believe in the impossible, because it will always be possible

P - PERSON LAST YOU CALLED my best friend

Q - QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED "what college do you think to do?" and it's fashion and journalism


• family, friends
• unforgettable moments
• sunsets
• God

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S - SONG YOU LAST SANG fools by madison beer

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP 6:00 am for school

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR white, black and red

V - VOCATIONS PLEASE europe, califonia or disney

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w - WORST HABBIT think too much

X - X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD I have the x-ray of my knee that I unfortunately broke, but it's already better

Z - ZOO ANIMALS THAT YOU LIKE I love it too much to see peacocks, giraffes and tigers.

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and this is for today guys, I hope you liked it!!!

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Xo, L