I know it is easy to say this, and that happiness is something you may not feel close to sometimes, but it's been so easy for me to feel happy these past few days. As you can imagine, I'm not going to talk about my personal problems as if I was writing in my journal, but I just thought that with this article, I could help someone who is going through a tough time for any kind of reason, because, we all have experienced those more than once, hadn't we? And we always love to feel that gratitude towards something for making you happy, and wear that permanent smile, even if it's just for a day, but we do love that feeling.

Firstly, I know it is so easy to go from being the happiest person alive, to feel like the most miserable one, and that going from feeling sad to feeling happy is something difficult. So here are a few things that helped me get over it and feel better with pretty much everything.

Take your time

Going from feeling sad to feeling happy is something that might take time, but we do have time, so take advantage of it. Maybe you do not even know why are you feeling down, that's why you must take the necessary amount of time you need to realize what is it that makes you feel like that, and most importantly, have patience.

Focus on yourself

It may feel impossible to focus on things that are not what makes you feel sad, we tend to overthink with topics that are no good for us. In order to distract your mind, you ought to do things that make you happy, do not lay in bed just listening to music and crying, enjoy yourself! Do whatever gives you all those good vibes, everything that makes you smile, everything that makes you feel alive. I, for instance, distracted myself with some movies, reading books, or even doing sport while listening to music that makes me jump of cheerfulness.

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Digest everything

It takes days to come to terms with the fact that you can not change the present, but instead of thinking about what is happening at the moment and what made the whole situation turn out to make you feel like that, just think of what it is to come in a future, and think big, make plans that will fill you with joy, because when you are down and don't feel like waking up, the whole carpe diem concept does not really work. In my case, I focused on the plans I already had, such as going to a concert, which is my happy place, or travelling.

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Always stay positive

Just try to stay positive, always. Remember that going to a sad feeling to a happy one took you a lot of time and effort, and that you should not let anything or anyone destroy what you have built with your own actions. It might be easy if you let little and malicious things get to you, so do not let them in!!! Everything that makes you uncomfortable should be out of your life, so let it go to waste, you do not need it. Enjoy your day as if it was the last one, and never, ever give up, always remember to have your chin up, and smile.

Also, I want you to remember that it is okay not to be okay sometimes, do not force yourself to be happy, if you have to cry, cry. It will always feel good to get out your emotions, but please, never give up, because I can assure you that happiness is a thing.