I'm in love with everything from the 90s and I wanted to share fun fashion moments of the 90s that I like

1.) The Goth/Alternative Girls

The Craft, witch, and 90s image Daria, tattoo, and grunge image

2.) Leather jacket girls

winona ryder, 90s, and grunge image drew barrymore, grunge, and 90s image

3.) Metalic Lovers

Image removed Angelina Jolie, beauty, and grunge image

4.) The Plaid Slayers

Clueless, 90s, and movie image Empire records and liv tyler image

5.) the Sporty Chic

tlc and 90s image

5.) The Daisies

Image removed dress, outfit, and style image

6.) The Crazy Fun Hairstyles

90s, mel b, and spice girls image Image by madysen

Cant forget about the shoes

80's, 90's, and aesthetic image grunge, black, and shoes image pink, holographic, and boots image grunge, dress, and pale image
thanks for reading my article hope enjoyed it.