lately life has been very nice to me ,, all these tears i've cried in my prayers planted very beautiful blooming flowers !
god is generous ; he blessed me with this present ! this present that i suffered for in the past
i was a mess i went full dark everything i was half way depressed , i ran to god i begged him to help me through i prayed for guidance and strength ,
one day i woke up with the need of getting rid of every negative thing in my life starting with those toxic people i used to call friends !
that was few weeks before my eighteenth birthday , and so from that day i've decided to become more mature and more self loving ; self loving which was a process of healing , i became closer to god , he was my guidance .
i started taking control of my life , i cared about myself in priority i didn't know exactly what i wanted but i knew EXACTLY what i didn't want ,, i didn't want to be the old me , the sad ,crying ,lonely ,third-wheel ,and failure i used to be
i became good to myself i smiled often and acted kind toward everybody , i started being positive , i started growing, i felt a glow inside of me ; god responded to my prayers by showing me how peaceful and graceful i've become ,
i knew i was heard when i started rising , the first step was acceptance , i started accepting myself ; my body , my face, my insecurities , i also started accepting other people i got rid off judging people and pointing out their insecurities because i felt like i was in their place ! instead i started giving compliments ! and GOODNESS how did that changed me ; i became more confident since people tempted to give those compliments back !
it was a long process of treating myself right , wrecking and rebuilding myself , it took me 3 years and still ..
so that was then and this is now ; now i'm 20 turning 21 in few months , i'm working on being a dentist in the future , i have new friends , trying not to repeat my past mistakes , still afraid of my past but yet learning from it , i am peaceful than ever , i'm dreaming of greater things , i know where i belong ,and deep down i know i am no longer lost. and god never stops from showing me how much i deserve happiness.
we all deserve that happiness we just need to make up our minds and just be bold to make a change and trust me ,god is willing to give a hand !
blessed, blessing, and grunge image