Le tag de @chanelgiovanna dédié aux fans de SKAM m'a donné l'envie d'écrire mon tout premier article ici.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore cette série :

  • premièrement, comment cela est-il possible ? Go watch it and then come back here !
  • deuxièmement, c'est une série norvégienne pour les adolescents et jeunes adultes qui suit la vie quotidienne de lycéens à Oslo (Norvège). Chaque saison met le focus sur un des personnages principaux de la série et expose des thématiques et difficultés que rencontrent les jeunes d'aujourd'hui. Notre société de consommation imparfaite, les divergences de mentalité, le capitalisme ou encore les inégalités y sont dénoncés.
  • troisièmement, cette série est devenue une de mes préférées dès les premières minutes du premier épisode de la première saison et j'ai regardé l'intégralité de cette fiction en moins de quatre jours !!
Nous vivons dans un monde rempli d'injustice et nous sommes chanceux d'être nés dans l'un des pays les plus riches et les plus libres où chacun peut penser et agir de la manière dont il le souhaite.

Now let's go for this SKAM tag :

1. Which group was your favorite?

Image removed Image by Mariana Pinto

2. What is your favorite character?

eva mohn ; skam image eva and skam image skam, eva mohn, and lisa teige image Image removed
💮 Eva, because she's just like me (reactions, behavior and temper) 💮

3. What is your favorite couple?

skam, eva, and chris image Temporarily removed skam, evak, and gay image skam, sana bakkoush, and yousef acar image
🖤 Can't choose, there are too many beautiful love stories. But here's my favorite 🖤

4. Which character did you start by hating and then ended up loving?

Image removed skam, season 2, and sana bakkoush image
That's obvious but still.

5. Which character do you think should have had a season?

Image removed skam, chris berg, and ina svenningdal image
Chris² are so much funny and authentic that they should have their own season.

6. The couple most wronged?

emma, skam, and tumblr image skam image
✖✖ Emma + anyone (Isak/Jonas/Chris). I don't like her character. Even if she's gorgeous, she's useless ✖✖

7. Were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

Image by Edna Neves Image removed skam, isak valtersen, and eva kviig mohn image skam, boy, and herman image
Yes of course !! My love 😍❤ I really think that he's not just a jerk.

8. What was the most beautiful friendship in the series?

Temporarily removed skam, isak valtersen, and tarjei sandvik moe image
These two friendship seem so real.

9. Which phrase in the series did you like the most?

skam, quotes, and noora image skam, noora, and quotes image quotes and skam image skam, quotes, and sana image
Sorry, I've got four favorite.

10. What is the most stylish character in the series?

skam, noora, and josefine frida pettersen image skam, noora, and art image skam, even, and evak image oslo, skam, and skateboard image
Girls : Noora & Boys : Isak/Even/Jonas

11. Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway, after the series?

norway, summer, and travelling image capital, life, and norway image
I've always dreamed to visit Scandinavian countries so why not Norway Oslo ? I like cold weather.

12. Do you really think SKAM and a copy of Skins?

I've never watched Skins ...

13. Which SKAM character would you like to have as a friend?

Image removed cinnamon roll, dork, and norway image
Both of them please.

14. For you what is the message that is passed with SKAM?

Today we celebrate our Constitution which says everyone has equal rights and that humans are born free and shall remain free. Free to be on social media for four hours. Free to get wasted and fuck around. Free to spend 900.000 kroner on a Russ bus. Norway isn't the same country as it was when it was written. Norwegian society is constantly developing and today thousands of refugees are coming into Europe in search of a place to live. Those are people from a different culture than us. People whose values we may disagree with. Some are afraid they will threaten Norwegian values. It would have been best to have the Facebook function to block them, but hat's not how it goes. So, on this day when we celebrate our Constitution, we shall remember what we celebrate. If we believe in the values it is based on. If we agree with the idea that all people should be free and have equal rights, it's not our responsibility to fight to preserve the values for all people. The constitution is not there to open doors to strangers who want to threaten our values, but it's there to not open the doors for them. We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. It can be tiring to deal with others, especially the ones you disagree with. Those who think differently from you, wether some are from another culture, or a girl who is a lame Facebook friend from elementary school. In a peaceful society with equal rights we have to manage to listen to, and try to understand each other. Perhaps it's easier to understand if we focus on what we have in common rather than the differences. Look for what we agree with, instead of what we disagree with. Maybe if we see the worst in others, it is exactly what they will show us. We have the right to waste four hours on social media every day. Because some before us have fought for the freedom to do so. Soon its us who will take over this country, it's up to us which values we live by in the future. I hope equal rights and freedom for all the people of this world is a battle we are ready to take on. Completely serious, if not we, who are raised in the world's most free and richest country, if not we who choose generosity, patience and openness. If not we who choose to look for and believe in the good in each other. If not we can fight for rightiousness, then who would be able to do it.

Voilà, c'est la fin de ce SKAM tag ! Merci pour votre lecture à bientôt ❤