this is a letter to the ones that come after me. i apologize in advance if this letter comes off as mean or rude, but the thought of you reaching for the hand i once held makes me so angry my face turns red & my knuckles turn white. i hope it hurts you to know before you he was having dreams about me. not you. i bet he often times even still thinks of me even though he's with you. there will always be traces of me. i'm like glitter, or the stain that never comes out of your clothes no matter how hard you try, i'm never going anywhere. when he starts erasing our texts from his phone, i hope you stay up night after night worrying. because, i will not rest until he is mine once again. those arms wrapped around you were once wrapped around me. you'll begin to think about me more often than not. he'll tell you we are just friends & not to worry. but weren't you just friends with him once too ? i envy you. because unlike you, i can't move on. you can. one day one of you will leave the other. & like a bird, i have waited patiently & now it has all paid off. i'll swoop in & carry him under my wings. & protect him & never let another one of you snakes snatch him right out of my wings again. i will fight night & day for forever to keep him with me if that's what it takes.

- kirsten bea