Summer time is around the corner and i'm sure all of you guys want to look good at the beach, but starving yourself isn't the answer. Starving yourself is just as bad as being over weight. Both lifestyles will get you killed. Instead of starving yourself follow these following steps:

Step 1: Get a good night's sleep. Rest! that show will still be there when you wake up. Try getting to bed by midnight, if not earlier.

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Step 2: Count all your macros, and keep track of them. Most people's #1 mistake is only going by calories. Cut the sugar and fried foods. Cut the dairy.

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Step 3: Go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Do not stay consistent with your workouts. Mix up the amount you lift. Switch up your speed and incline on the treadmill.

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Step 4: Do not obsess over the scale. Your size of clothing speaks louder than the number on the scale. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat!

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Remember; Stay healthy, Get rest, And love yourself!!