Hello guys, I am going to do the this or that challenge. I hope you guys enjoy it. (Leave a like if you did.)

1. Nike or Adidas? 👟
I am going to chose for Adidas because I love the clothes of Adidas more than the clothes of Nike.

2. Coffee or Tea? ☕️
Tea is bae. I drink tea a lot. I drink 2 or 3 cups every day. Because tea is bae and bae is tea.

3. Movies or Books? 🎬
Movies. I don't like to read. I am going to get a lot of haters I know but that's me. I like to see the people and I like to watch.

4. Gold or Silver? 💎
Gold. I don't have silver things.

5. Sneakers or Heels? 👠
Sneakers! I love all the sneakers on this planet.

6. Freckles or Dimples? 🏻
Freckles. There is a boy who's name is Montell Van Leijen and he looks so damn good, he has so much freckles love it. He won Holland's Next Top Model.

7. Hugs or Kisses? 😘
Hugs. I love to hug.

8. Winter or Summer? ☀️
Summer! I love summer music more than winter music. lol.

9. Makeup or Hair? 💄
When your hair looks great, everything looks great. So I choose hair.

10. Night or Day? ⛅
Night. I love summernights.

This was my article. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Give it a like if you did enjoyed it. Bye!