Hi guys! I've wanted to write this for a while but I never got around to it, luckily it's spring break for me so I finally have some spare time.
I love opening up to people and talking about what interests me so what better way is than this ?

  • Name

My name is Maria, pretty basic I'd say but idk it's cute tho

  • Height

I'm 5'2 (157 cm) yup I am pretty short

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  • Zodiac sign

I'm a proud libra, I am into astrology, it's really fun

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  • Eye color

Dark-ish brown with a slight tendency of green

  • Favorite color

Well black goes with everything but I have to say blue

  • Music

I love all types and genres of music, I can't live without it. I used to be really into rock and metal, now I listen mostly to rap, trap and alternative.
I really like : Xxxtentacion,Chase Atlantic, Lund, Blackbear,
Billie Eilish and a lot more.

  • Favorite TV shows

I love Game of Thrones, I binged watched it in 2 weeks
American Horror Story, SKAM, Dr who, Dr House, South of Hell, Lucifer, Sherlock and many more that i can not remember.

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  • Books

I love reading, my favorite book of all time is shockingly Oliver Twist, I 10/10 recomend it. I also liked The red queen, Go ask Alice, Mara Dyer, Six of crows, The darkest minds and many more.

  • Relationship status

Well I'm breathing so I guess I'm good

  • Pets

I have 2 beautiful cats, a dog and a parrot

  • Favorite school subject

English and German

  • Least favorite subject

Math and physics

  • Celebrity crush

Alexander Stewart, Andy Biersack and Thomas Hayes

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  • Lucky number


  • Sports

I tried a lot of stuff, I did karate for 5 years and swimming for 2, those we're my main and I want to start swimming again.

  • Biggest fear


  • Favorite season


  • Fashion

I wear a lot of black but lately I've been wearing colors. I dress kinda casual, a bit edgy, comfortable but still cute

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  • Hair

My hair now looks like this

girl, hair, and beauty image

It's been long, it's been really short, i had fun with it, this summer i want to dye it green

  • Boys

I don't really have a type but i find some traits in guys more appealing than others
I love curly hair and green or blue eyes.

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I love a strong sens of humor and I love if someone can respond to my sarcasm and roast me. I like smart guys,spontaneous, full of life, open minded and kind hearted.

That is all for now guys, see you next time! Byeee!