Jumping on the trend-train

here`s my first tag article:

If I were...




If I were...

... feeling

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content/ pleased

I leanrt to be proud of myself, leanrt to be happy and learnt that my motivation to do things is enough for me as long as it makes me happy

... colour

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I always felt ... kinda purple - I even had purple hairs once. This colour just fascinates me

... clothing item

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probably underwear and oversized pullovers

I am like underwear. Everybody needs me but only special people get to know me better. Also the most woren item in my wardrobe is probably the pullovers from my brother (Yes, I have them brother-heart ;P )

...fictional character

tog, throne of glass, and sarah j maas image Mature image book, gorgeous, and quote image Queen and quotes image
aelin ashryver galathinius a ka cealena sardothin a ka the fire breathing bitch queen

I am not exactly like her, but we have some things in common. We both don`t trust easily, but we would die for those we love. We don`t have much self-preservative drive, but always give everything if necessary. Sassy, love to read and love luxus.


hair, earrings, and gold image piercing, earrings, and hair image aesthetic, alternative, and earrings image earrings, piercing, and ear image
earrings or piercings in generell

originally I wanted to say bracelet (or watches), but I love my earrings and piercings. They are the accessory I put in the most effort.


girl, hair, and sky image city, quotes, and cold image girl, car, and hair image mountains, bridge, and girl image
wind / strong wind

I am the happiest person if it`s windy outside. Either cold or warm but wind and I am me again. That`s why I love spring storms and fall. The wind brings a new beginning and stories no one else than me can hear.


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mounatins, mountainlakes, cliffs
>My heart says city, my mind cries mountainlakes ~ V <<


art, drawing, and bird image Temporarily removed bird, photography, and sky image animal, art, and bird image

my spirit-animal is a bussard, but currently Itend to the king of the air, the eagle. Not my favourite animal (which are horses btw), but my mind is free, wild, protective and one of a leader, like an egale.


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eyes and lips

Eyes are the door to the soul. They can tell stories as good as your mouth. And while your mouth can tell lies, your eyes never lie!

... song

2016, buildings, and cars image crown, head, and inspiration image

my all-time.favourite. Not even my favorite singer, my favourite band can hold up. Donnu, but this song makes my day everytime I listen to it.


aesthetic, cherry blossom, and city image aesthetic and architecture image seoul, korea, and wallpaper image adventure, aesthetic, and cherry blossom image

never been to seoul (yet, I plan to study abroad) but in the moment it`s on the top of my travel bucket list. I like the style, like the honorifics and polite habits, and of course the music. If it`s not seoul I would be Berlin (city of my heart)

... flower

clipart, digital print, and etsy image flower, nature, and calla image flower lotus image flickr, flower, and lotus image
white calla and lotus flower

The white calla stands in flower langugae for immortal love, whereas the lotus a symbol for purity, rebirth and spiritually enlighting is. Well, two things I wish for my life and I think I can archieve.


coffee, autumn, and fall image book, coffee, and reading image Temporarily removed girl, city, and coffee image

Coffee is liquid life essence. Either in the morning, the afternoon or at midnight coffee makes me feel myself again. The smeel only makes me feel calm and powerfull. Maybe you can relate?


glitter, hands, and gold image city, landscape, and lights image Temporarily removed art, foto, and smile image

The first name I`ve been called with or by was sunshine. My dad gave my this nickname. I need light for living, it makes me feel alive.

... mythological creature

blue, digital art, and guardian image angel, boy, and wings image beautiful, creature, and fairytales image creature, fairytales, and mythology image
a guardian, a nephilim, a healer

This may be far fetched but I am obsessed with mythology. I seem to have a calming personality what could make me to a healer (even if I never wanted to be one, because healer are not allowed to fight) I want to be a guardian, not for anybody but for someone important.


>>Wenn`s gut ist is es das Ende und wenn es nicht gut ist ist es verdammt nochmal nicht das Ende<<

Casper a german singer and rapper said this. It means something like. In the end it is fine and if it is not it is not the end. Somehow I find this quote really inspiring. It keps me doing, making, going.

While writing this I realised I want to read this again in like 10, 20 years and smile about how I`ve been as young adult.

Hope you liked reading this article,

peace out,