Hey guys

Actually, this is my first article, I have been always wanted to write, I feel that there’s a lot of thoughts that I need to write to let them out of my overthinking, but I don’t know why I step back from doing it. But today I decided to let it be!! I mean we have to be brave in this life, we have to do something about it, rather than just dreaming and making stories our head.

I was thinking today, why we cannot do things we are thinking of.


why if we want to change our hair but we’re afraid of the results, we feel lonely that we don’t make new relationships with people, and when we see someone did something like an adventure we say wow I want to do that, I wish I could, this is so brave and blah blah blah

Why we stop our self from doing what we want? Can’t we just deal to stop doing that? Just let it happen, anything that comes to your mind at any time, DO IT

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Don’t build barriers in front of your face that’s not allowing you to live your life! Stop it you’re hurting yourself.

Yes the things that came to your mind right now while you read this and you didn’t do it before, START DOING IT and I believe that you can, just put goals on your own mind and you can

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No one can stop you

No toxic people

No society

No family

No one can stop you from doing this

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I will tell you about what me ;

I have long black to dark brown hair, I have been always wanted to change it, but everyone tells me that they love my hair they say wow the color is so nice I wish my hair like that don't you ever change it. they affected me and I couldn’t change, but I decided that I will change it tomorrow, even if I didn’t like my hair will grow again, I won’t leave anything that I wished for.

I love swimming and I always imagine myself swimming when I have a hard time

But I didn’t Practice swimming and I don’t swim because I’m shy about what they will say! I don’t understand why I even feel this. But I will swim anytime and whatever. And I gained some money to sign in swimming practice center 💪🏻, to improve what I love. And also I will learn the first aids to acknowledge myself and to help people, my childhood dream to be a doctor but it ended me studying business management!!! But at least I will do something related to medicine that I always loved and I will forever.

I always wanted to have a lot of relationships and to know more people but I have none !! Because I had previous problems in my old relationships that I got scared to make any friends anymore. We cant just let it be and we will learn from our relationships, we are humans and we can learn from each other. It’s okay if that ended up with broken hearts, that will make us stronger and it will be lesson!

Let us be risky!!!!

Thank you for reading! Send me a message about your opinion and what you will start to do! We can be friends also !! 💕