I am writing this more for me than anyone else. I don't know who I want to become and I am writing this to figure out just that. feel free to try this yourself if you are also confused.

I will be breaking down what I want in the future. Some of those things may be shallow but it does not change the fact that I want them.


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I want to be happy more than anything. I can't remember the last time I felt true happiness. Though I am not trying to edgy or sad, I am trying to pour out my feelings. At this time next year, I will rewrite this and see.


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I am writing this while eating a burger. Which is obviously isn't good for someone with skin as oily as mine. I do wash my skin a lot more now than I use to but health is 80% of the work.
I want perfect skin (and who doesn't?) I want my skin to be pearly but how am I supposed to achieve that when I keep eating unhealthy.


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My hair is pretty okay these days, I had a treatment that made it noticeably less frizzy but it still is and I want to fix that for good.


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I do not like where I am body-wise but I do not... hate(?) it? I mean I don't like it but I don't appreciate it.


Though I do not want to share my dream career you can expect that I want it more than I want to be alive. I try to study whenever I can and I want to achieve it. but so many people are against me.


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It's more important for me to buy my mother and father a house than to buy myself one. I'm a simple person and don't need a huge house but I know my parents love huge houses so I really want to buy them a house in Dubai.


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I don't know anything about cars, nor do I know how to drive but I do love vintage cars and really would like to own one

Am I there yet?