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What is your definition of perfection?

Is when you're the best version of you, when autenticity and creativity appears on you <3 everyone can be "perfect" in a metaphorical unique way.

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Do you fear perfection?

No, is very cute n' beautiful feel u "can't go better" in something. Feel like u can relax n chill now. For a while.

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How would you imagine a perfect world?

Everyone in peace and cooperating with each other. Improving every life's area 'till the top!

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Are you a perfectionist?

Yes, a little bit. But I can stop at time. I had struggles with this in the past, now I can achieve for excellence without obsession.

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Describe a moment when nothing went as planned:

Uff, my life it's a entire proof of this.

I remember when I wanted a baby. Yeah, I wanted to get pregnant. After 3 years of trying, I quit. Ok, history superated, nexxt! ... I decided declutter all my stuff (I throw away, donated, gifted too many things) and get more minimalist... WELL... I came back to school and left my job, ha ha... without planning it at all, the baby came to me (with another boyfriend) and so, I had too many problems with money :S I left school (again, but for different reason) n' I started buying essential stuff like clothes... stuff 4 moving with my HUSBAND ... and baby's stuff!! PFF. I did it at the end. God bless.

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PD: Love my baby. Now I'm working from home. I still studying my own way.

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What is one imperfection you think you have?

I have many, like everyone I think. But personally I know I'm very well described by "Primadonna" from Marina and the diamonds... Yeah, big problem for the real world! ...

What is one feature you love about yourself?

My perseverance. I had left behind too many "imperfections", I'm improving myself since 4 years ago.

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Your thoughts on perfection?

It's metaphorical. U can do better n best with trying's and time. It's all about find balance and you "place" in world. U must stop when you feel exhausted and get rest. And remember be kind and compasive with yourself.

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When do you feel perfect?

Sometimes.When I think no more can be done and I can rest, chill and R E L A X 4 a while. So, I get a magazine, a drink and spend time in things I like! =3

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How do you accept imperfection?

It took time, but finally I opened my mind and find LOGIC. Nobody's perfect and knowing that makes me feel no alone... everyone's trying their best! Everyday is a fresh start. U can try again tomorrow. You can do it better tomorrow.

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