Hello everyone!! As you see, this is my first article, so I wanted to make the #ThisIsMeChallenge for you to know me better. Let's goo


feelings, quotes, and sad soul image quote, funny, and bully image shy, quotes, and people image Temporarily removed
paradoxical, very veeeery clumsy, shy and introvert


art, gallery, and girl image beautiful, cat, and eyes image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image Image removed flower, world, and love image fruit, food, and raspberry image
Art, pretty colors, makeup, music, being in the middle of nature, food


animal, tiger, and tigers image fox, animal, and nature image snake, black, and animal image animal, crocodile, and nature image
wild animals


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed is, life, and strange image fashion, vintage, and love image
simple and streetwear style


bae, columbine, and music image army, fandom, and group image Mature image Temporarily removed Image by ☃  Image removed
Columbine (french group), BTS, Zayn, Vald (french rapper), xxxtentacion, Rilès (french rapper)


pink, aesthetic, and pastel image Temporarily removed nature puple image blue and street photography image
Pink, Purple, Blue - In fact, all colors are my favorites but those fit me well

Sooo, this is the end of the challenge, hope you liked it !! Oh, and i am really sorry if there are some English mistakes , I am French, don't hesitate to send me a card to correct me or just to talk!
See you soon for an other article !