Heyo readers i've decided to do a little get to know me/ 50 questions thing. A lot of the things i didn't even know myself so, it's new information for me too.

My name is Freja Rossel

I'm 162 cm and that would be 5.3

I'm 16

I'm born on september 14th

Eye color:
My eyes are a grey blue color

Hair color:
Sometimes light, sometimes dark brown

Favorite color:
All colors but mainly red and yellow

Favorite food:
Sushi is my overall favorite but god knows i love food ahah

Favorite song:

Daydream Believer - The Monkees

You're Going Back to Jail - Bonnie and Clyde (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley

Demons - Imagine Dragons

and many others. I'm a huge music listener

favorite TV-show:
Friends is my ultimate favorite but besides that i love How I Met Your Mother and Rick and Morty.

Favorite book:
Let it snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle,
Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins and of course the Harry Potter series.

Favorite movie:
Perks of being a wallflower, mamma mia, Harry Potter (all of em), Easy A and so many others

Favorite singer:
Kim Larsen, a danish singer other than that I dont really have a favorite singer but i have favorite bands. Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Nirvana and Radiohead.

Favorite Actor/ess:

emma stone, Marvel, and spider man image ryan gosling, Hot, and sexy image
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Those are my to favorite and i didn't even like La La Land ahah, it lacked personality.

Relationship status:
I'm currently in my first relationship and we've been together for almost 3 months.

First Kiss:
Last summer at a party, i was 15 years old.

Miss anyone:
My two friends, Madelin and Anna.

Last song you heard:
Lemon Boy - Cavetown


adorable, animal, and animals image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
When i was younger i had a dwarf hamster, it was white grey ish --- Then i had two budgerigars, one was blue and yellow the other one was purple and pink.

currently don't have any pets unfortunately

Favorite school subject:
When i was younger i hated english because i sucked at it (my first language is danish) but now it's my favorite subject as well as music and art

Least favorite school subject:
Math and science is the worst

Battery percentage:
6% somebody send help.

Phone you have:
An old and pre used iPhone 5

Last text:
That would be a text to my mom about a lullaby she sang to me as a child.

Number of kids i want:
3 or 4 kids, i have 3 siblings and i love that

Favorite app:
Snapchat i think but really i'm not that much on my phone, it's a waste of time.

Zodiac sign:

Favorite holiday:
Christmas, it is just such a lovely holiday.

celebrity crush:

dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and smile image cole sprouse, riverdale, and boy image
Dylan O'brien and Cole Sprouse

What are you wearing:

style, outfit, and red image denim, gucci belt, and indie image
This exact T-shirt and a denim skirt

How do you feel right now:
tired, it's 7.35 PM and i just got out off class.

One wish:
Warm weather! It's cold as hell in Denmark, it literally snowed yesterday... it's april...

Best Friends name:
Well i have a few but my closest are named Madelin and Anna

Lucky number:
3, 30.000

Sports you play:
i currently dont play any sports but when i was younger i did gymnastics, handball, dance and swimming... and i sucked at everyone of them

Number of siblings:
An older brother, 20
A younger sister, 7
A younger brother, 5 in a few days

Biggest fear:
Being average and have a average life. Hard to explain.

Shoe size:
38 european, british 5, american 7

Been bullied:
I don't think so, at least not something i've noticed.

Favorite season:
Summer for sure

Favorite place:
The ocean or deep in the forest

Favorite qoute:
I really can't think of just a single one but check out my collection "Life In Words" hehe those are all my favorite.

Country you'd like to visit:
Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Greece (i'm actually going there this summer), USA, England, Australia, Thailand, India, The Philippines ect.

One thing no one knows:
This one is hard, maybe i don't even know.

Believe in ghosts:
50/50, i think there could be something taking from some experiences i've had.

Working somewhere:
Not currently, i go to a boarding school if you wanna call it that in Denmark so i live on the school and can't really have a job. But before this school i worked in a kindergarten from age 13 to 15 almost 16 and i'm planing on getting a job at a supermarket when i get home again after this school year is done (our "boarding schools" only lasts a year)

Been drunk:
Too many times ahah, in Denmark we drink a lot and from a young age. You can actually buy alcohol legally from age 16 and can drink it from any age as long as parents approve and you didn't buy it yourself. Go Denmark!

Nope, i have a boyfriend.


Now you may know me a bit better
and here you have a picture of me

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Thanks for reading along!
- AR