There are so many books I want to read in my life. I want to show you a few of them, which I am looking forward to read in the near future.

The Mortal Instruments Series
I already listened to the audiobook of the first part and started the first book multiple times. I really like the storyline and the characters and want to read all volumes.

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Sherlock Holmes
I'm not a big fan of detective novels, but I love Sherlock Holmes. I saw the series with Benedict Cumberbatch several times and can't get enough of his cases.

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The Selection Series
I'm not sure if I will be impressed by this books, but I read so many recommendations about this series and want to try it myself.

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The Host
I bought this book years ago because I liked the storyline, but a few weeks later I watched the movie and was kinda disapointed. But still I'm impressed by the story and want to give it a chance.

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The Divergent Triology
I already bought the books one year ago, because I love the movies, especially the first one, but somehow I never made it to read even one part.

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The Longest Ride
I started this book almost a hundred times or rather read it a few pages further and put it back in the shelf again. I can't explain why but i really wanna finish it someday.

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Pretty Little Liars
I watched the series first and after a couple of season I wanted to read the books too. At the moment I finished almost two parts and I'am loooking forward to read the others too, even if I already know the storyline.

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That's it for now!

I just wanted to apologize for my spelling and grammer mistakes,but english isn't my native language.
I hope you liked it anyway!

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