In the early Seventies, I had shoulder-length hair, bell-bottom pants, love beads and shirts that laced up at the front. But then I smartened up. - Tom Ford

The 70's had so many cool stuff, but to me, the best part of the 70's is their fashion. There is something about the 70's fashion that is interesting, and that fashion is returning again.

That kind of style never gets old. Is golden, and it only becomes more popular now. So here are five looks from the 70's that you can really rock on the streets or during Coachella.

I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

1. Keep it fun

70's are all about the prints, colors and everything fun. This look is one of them. Simple tied shirt with some cute flowy blue pants with a belt on can be really fun. Style it with some cool high heels and cool cat-eye sunglasses.

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2. Blue is the new black

Blue can be a really good color to wear during the spring season, but you can also wear this during the autumn too. Put some brown overalls on a blue jumper and wear some black boots too.

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3. Bonjour 70's.

If you love the 70's but also french fashion this look is one for you. Trousers are coming back to the fashion world, but with a jumper on them, it can look really good and also you can feel like you are in France. Wear a beret on your head and some pointy black heels with that look. Also, some cute sunglasses and a vintage back. For makeup, I suggest wearing a red lipstick.

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4. Meow :3

If you are a print lover this look is the one. I really like this look too. It's fun, and also unexpected. Wear a graphic shirt with some cute green shirts and some booties. To top the look, put a FAKE fur on. Don't wear a real one! Animals are dying because of it. #keepanimalssafe

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5. Back to the past.

Here is a look for you who like to wear dresses.
Flower dresses are on so on the trends right now, but we want the 70's style, don't we? So to keep it in the 70's spirit, wear some sandals with white socks.

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So here is another article about fashion. This time I decided something different. It's time that we honor the 70's and their fashion. I hope you liked this article.
See you in the next article.
xxx, Bella * smiles *

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