I've been separated from me for a long time and I really hope to move as fast as I really did. I do not want to remind you or feel anything for you anymore. You are a really good person, but my feelings for you are very real and 3D I can almost touch them. When you call nice or sweet, my face turns red. I said "do not take it personally" but that's what I did. I asked what I did wrong and I said it was just your "instinct" Sometimes I wonder if you're with me just because I praised you, not because you really loved me. All right, we usually want to be loved for true love. but I love you. I gave you all you deserved, but that was not enough. You made me feel happy, but it's unfortunate now to wake up in the morning. I had my first idea in the morning and my last thought at night and would like to send you good morning messages that were too long for you to read without your glasses. I would like to tell you about my favorite Disney movies and books. I would always like to tell you how much I loved you and then say it again. I never knew that three words could affect me a lot. The day I broke up I tried not to show much emotion but I started to cry. I said do not cry and I said I was sorry. You said what. I said I was sorry. I just wanted to be happy so I agreed after a few weeks I got the courage to talk to you again. Whenever I think of you I cry. Just think smaller than you. My words are trapped in my throat and I hold my hands on my face. I really miss you. She missed us. I miss your laugh. Your smile. your personality. I miss everything about you. But now count all this time, you only. I do not want to love anyone else. But you skip me I accept it. We all move at some point. After all this time, I did not get the answer to my question, did you really love me? Or do you love my love? I really can not say.