i am very fortunate to not only get to do what i love, but to do it with people i love. photography, just like anything in the art industry is tough. i still struggle daily with turning something i love into my career. in the past i have been lucky to have held some high paying, full time photography jobs. during that time i have met many talented individuals, one of them being a very dear friend of mine, Stacie. we started working together about 7years ago at a mall portrait studio, and here we are years later still taking photos together. not only do we have tons of fun working together, but are so lucky that we have remained great friends after all this time. this particular shoot we did together was when Stacie found out she was having her 5th child, but her second baby girl. i was very excited and was easily able to convince her to do a little maternity shoot. the cover of this article and the image below are from that same day. although they are not very maternity like, these are some of my favorite shots from that day. one of my favorite things about shooting a friend is that i can usually convince them to do anything i ask. these shots i managed to get a 6month pregnant woman to get inside a tree. dont ask me how she did it, but i cant argue with the results. now that some time has past and the sweet baby girl we took these in honor of is almost one, i went back to them to take a second look. and still after a year, these two image are high up on my favorites list.

beauty, girl, and photography image

if you are interested in seeing some more from this shoot, check out my flickr page. also if you'd like to give me any feedback or want to talk photography, leave me a comment. i would love to hear your thoughts, just please no hate. thanks for reading!