hello people, it is i.

i already started making my april playlist at the end of march, so i would already have some great tunes to start the month right!
i called the playlist 'au mois d'avril' cause i'm extra and french makes everything sound way fancier. let's start!

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  • nothing lasts by bedroom
  • can't love you anymore by IU ft. oohyuk
  • i want to hold your hand by the beatles
  • honey sweet by blossoms
  • rewind by wonder girls
  • touch by nct 127
  • lady by exid
  • sunflower by rex orange county
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  • destroyer by monsta x
  • her by drug restaurant
  • icy girl by saweetie
  • so sad, so sad by varsity
  • everytime by boy pablo
  • SAD! by xxxtentacion
  • likey by twice
  • teenager by got7
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i hope you enjoyed this playlist, you can also follow it on spotify! there are many more songs and i will most likely make a pt.2 since april is just beginning and there is much more music to be discovered!

lots of love!


thank you so much for reading this article!

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