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I was tagged to do the "Get To Know Me Tag". I have been tagged by Trish and Tess! Check out Their accounts and articles below!


1 || Travel

I loooove Traveling anywhere and everywhere. I love being on a plane, in the car, on a bike, I just love being on the go! I have traveled to almost all the 50 states. My family and I go on cross country trips whenever we can.

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2 || Music

One of my many passions is music. I couldn't live without It. I am a singer and pianist, I have been taking vocal and piano lessons since I was 5 years old. I am now apart of a girl singing group also!

3 || Eye Color

My eye color is hazelish green.... But I was born with blue eyes.

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4 || Country

I live in The United States Of America! (As you might have guessed from my travel section^). I live on the East Coast. Born and Raised. I speak English and unfortunately I don't speak any other languages. (I hope to learn some soon though!!)

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5 || FOOD !!!!

I.Love.Food. I love eating food, photographing food and cooking food!! (:

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6 || Fitness

I workout daily. I have since I was 12 years old! I totally recommend it for everyone. It makes me feel fit and healthy!

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7 || Daredevil

I am totally one of those people that will jump right out of a plane. repeatedly. YOLO right¿¡ haha

8 || Fashionista

I love clothes. I can never have enough scrunches or shoes or chokers or anythingggg quite frankly. Let's go shopping!!

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9 || TV Shows

Some of my favorite tv shows at the moment are :

  • Insatiable
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Criminal Minds
  • Riverdale
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Friends
I totally recommend those!

10 || Tall

I am very tall. 5'9 to be exact. That may not seem tall to you, but where I live, I feel like a giant sometimes. LOL.

11 || Favorite Color

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light pink <3

12 || Birthday

My birthday is November 26th. Thanksgiving baby :))

13 || We Heart It

I love love love this app. I have met so many AMAZING & creative people! I feel inspired every time I open the app and go through my feed. I recommend following every single person I follow. Thank you WHI, for creating a community for people of all ages to come together and be creative && really express themselves. I am forever grateful. WHI has really changed my life. <333

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