ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, it means autonomy relaxing sensations. The sensations are also called "brain-orgasms". They are mostly got by sounds and by listening the ASMR.

There are many different stimuluses and different people like different ones. You can find these videos from YouTube. They are usually 20min-1hour long.

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I have listened to ASMR for a few months now. I listen to them in bed when I'm trying to sleep. They help me to relax and shut my mind of. Before I could roll around in bed for hours, and now I fall asleep right after the ASMR ends. And sometimes even when it's still going.
I also know that ASMR helps many people with anxiety.

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At first you find the videos kinda weird and funny and you can't take them seriously. But give them a shot. And don't shoot them down from your firs try.
And always wear earphones!