Hello people from all around the world!
I wanted to talk to you about my country. When strangers talk about France, they first and always think about Paris. Actually, I don't live in Paris and I don't like this city. Plus, I wanted to write this article because I love my country and there are wonderful places, with wonderful landscapes here and I had to show you some.

Okey, so, I've been travelling a lot inside my own country and there are some places I needed to talk to you about.

1. La Provence

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It's a wonderful place to go in June and the beginning of July especially when you want to see these "champs de lavende" (lavender fields) because in the month of July were are cut down to be used for honey or products in general.
The villages around are really beautiful too.

2. Annecy

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This is my second favorite place in France.
People are really nice there, you can eat delicious cheese, and "charcuterie" (cooked meats)


And, the most important, "Le Lac d'Annecy" (The Lake of Annecy)

I've been swimming there a lot!

3. Le Massif des écrins (in Hautes-Alpes, Isère)


There is a park there and you have a wonderful view of the mountains, in summer as in winter. And sometimes, you can see chamois, ibexes, marmots/groundhogs ect...

4. Les Gorges du Verdon


I've been there mostly during summer. If you ever find a place where you can swim, just know that the water is really, really, really cold! Like WTH! Actually, it's because the water comes from mountains, and even if it is exposed to the sun, it stays really cold, so be carefull, especially if you can't bear cold.

5. Le Bassin d'Arcachon


This place is also a place to see, especially "la Dune du Pilat" (sand dune of Pilat). It is one of the biggest in Europe.

6. Normandie, Etretat


The city of Etretat is a lovely city where a lot of artists go, and there are many artists store where you can see or buy a lot of different types of art like paintings for exemple.
And, the city offers a delightful view on the sea and the cliffs.

7. Bretagne


It's too hard to only choose one place in Bretagne because everything is gorgeous there, especially when you approach the coasts!

My list is over!
I've not visited everything yet, so I can't show you every places, but know that so many places are beautiful like "Reims" (for champagne and wine!) , "Bordeaux", "Nice", "Lille" ect...
I hope I helped you see other places than Paris because it is definitely not the most beautiful place in France, and that's why most French people (not talking about parisians) don't understand why people only want to see Paris especially when Parisians are not nice people when actually French people in general are really welcoming and nice people, believe me. I love to meet strangers, it's cool to learn about someone else culture or life ect..

So, I wish you the best and hope you are healthy and happy❣
Bye bye❣


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