i've never feels lonely untill i met you. The night i came to my room, staring at the wall, and run away from the truth. I can feel how happy i would be..
if i had your hands in mine.
if i had your smiles every morning.
and your hugs every night.
and your story everyday.
i would be very happy to share the world the love that i felt, the kind of love that makes me sing to every love songs, makes me feel pretty, that kind of love that i've never found before.
i would give you my arms every night and hear your bad day, your imperfection plan, and how we try to figure it out to make you feel better.
i would lay my head down on your shoulder every morning so you know i need you more than you know.
i would kiss you everyday so you know how greatful i am to had you
it would be the best thing i ever had..
only if i could run away..
if i had you first.

-from a story i will never speak-